Based on the notable transformation that the Chilean economy has experienced over the last decades and an increase in the volume of regulation of diverse sector-specific activities concerning production and services, Moraga & Cia. has understood the importance of providing a holistic approach to guide companies and businesses in their permanent relation with the State and its administration bodies, bearing in mind that regulation is the outcome of a complex balancing of interests, where politics and economics force a pragmatic interpretation thereof. This includes having recourse to the administrative and judicial remedies provided for by law, the follow-up and advance assessment of the legal framework, as well as the transparent promotion of diverse points of view in the public decision-making process.

This change has also entailed that companies must implement conduct modelling processes so that the relevant organization, its directors, managers and employees avoid risks, damages and sanctions that may harm them and impair their goodwill. Compliance, therefore, is closely linked to companies’ culture and corporate governance, with both normative dimensions and a connection with the devising and implementation of good practices. This work is carried out through permanent training and awareness raising and the production of risk matrices and crime prevention mechanisms relating to offenses set out in Law 20,393, which enable companies to escape or mitigate their criminal liability in cases of money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and handling of stolen goods.


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