Business structuring is a task that requires knowledge, and above all, a strategic and circular view. It is not just commercial law or the law pertaining to a specific field. Although traditional components will always be key, other essential elements include the environment, market, authorities, social media, and in general, each of the increasingly specific stakeholders that each individual business has to deal with. The starting point is identifying them preventively.



We have ample experience in commercial and corporate law, providing counsel for national and foreign clients in the creation of for-profit and non-profit legal persons, company restructuring, dissolution and liquidation of companies.

This counsel includes professional support in:

  • Creation and reorganization of corporate structures or business groups.
  • Incorporation, amendments, transformations, spin offs, mergers, capital increases, dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  • Joint ventures, joint businesses, associations and consortiums:
  • Elaboration and negotiation of shareholders’ agreements, partners’ agreements, dividend policies, family protocols;
  • Legal counsel in contractual matters, assisting our clients from the elaboration of the documents until their execution, including their negotiation, interpretation and analysis of commercial agreements, commercial contracts, whichever the field or area, national and international;
  • Permanent legal assistance for all kinds of companies, including the elaboration and preparation of board meetings, shareholders meetings, resolutions, submissions before relevant authorities, among others.

From a multidisciplinary approach, we offer our clients, whether they are regulated or non-regulated entities, public or private, our legal counsel relating to corporate liability and governance, enabling clients to generate confidence and security in the market. To that effect, we provide counsel in:

  • The design, elaboration and implementation of internal policies and rules relating to good corporate governance practices and company management, in observance of the applicable legal and regulatory frameworks;
  • Permanent revision and updating of internal rules, codes, regulations and bylaws;
  • Counsel in the resolution and treatment of conflicts, compliance actions, risk management, crime and corruption prevention, including management and representation before authorities in administrative and law enforcement proceedings.




We offer integral legal advice to family offices and each of their members, so that, by strengthening the family, property and management, the family office is able to develop and grow stronger over time, through generations.

To that effect, our counsel is focused on legal and tax aspects of family offices, their ventures and investments, without disregarding the harmony of the family and the individual welfare of its members. We offer advice on planning and implementation of family agreements, protocols and pacts, emphasizing the individuality and needs of each member of the family group, as well as their investments, ventures and corporate structures.

Our expertise in civil, commercial, inheritance and tax law allows us to provide excellent and personalized legal advice, at both business and personal level, to each member with regard to wills, separation of property, legal possession of estates and other matters.



In banking matters, we provide legal advice regarding financing transactions, including bilateral and syndicated loans, the provision of in rem and personal collaterals, the structuring of financial transactions and projects, leasing transactions, mortgage financing, debt restructuring and refinancing and other matters, assisting our clients from the design of the diverse structures until their full execution.

In addition, we support and provide advice to our clients with regard to financial and banking regulatory aspects, enabling them to remain updated in the light of the dynamism of the banking industry and the applicable regulations.



We have vast experience in this regard which allows us to provide advice to clients and intervene in relation to the devising, execution and implementation of highly complex transactions in national and foreign capital markets. We provide comprehensive advice to our clients that seek corporate finance through the issuance and public offering of bonds, shares and other debt instruments in both national and foreign markets, as well as creative solutions for specific financial products.

In addition, our team has significant experience in regulatory matters regarding capital markets, standing out for its expert advice in Compliance matters, oversight by authorities, compliance with the applicable regulatory framework and defense in cases of administrative charges or sanctions.

In particular, we provide the following services and legal advice:


  • Issuance of Securities

    • Listing of companies in stock exchanges and applications for the registration of companies and securities in the Registry of Securities and Stock Exchanges

      • Public offering of shares, bonds, debentures and other securities

        • Setup and placement of mutual funds, investment funds and their quotas.

          • Setup of mutual funds and investment funds, and placement of the instruments to be issued by them.

            • Private placements of securities non-registered in Registries of Securities.


              We provide advice to numerous local and foreign fund administrators with regard to their incorporation and organization in Chile and abroad, as well as in relation to diverse local and foreign investment vehicles.

              We have vast experience in the acquisition of local companies by foreign investors or investment funds, in respect of which we have provided advice relating to the structuring of the transaction itself and with regards to tax, corporate governance and other matters.



              We have vast experience in mergers and acquisitions, having provided advice to various national and foreign companies of all sizes active in the broadest spectrum of lines of business.

              We provide advice to our clients throughout the entire merger or acquisition process, including its negotiation, due diligence, financing, structuring of transactions, corporate governance aspects, shareholders agreements, joint ventures, and the drafting of all such contracts and other relevant documentation that may be required.


              VENTURE CAPITAL

              We support national and foreign entrepreneurs and startups during each phase of growth, providing all necessary legal and tax advice from the outset, especially regarding due diligence processes, corporate structure, corporate governance, financing and other matters.

              In addition, we provide legal and tax advice to investors seeking efficient investment structures to invest in venture capital funds.



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