Our firm has positioned itself within the most important in the country, acknowledged by both Chilean and foreign clients as a key player in high profile tax matters.

Moraga & Cía.’s tax team is not only comprised by attorneys at law, but also a team of auditors that are specialized in tax-accounting matters, allowing for a broad and comprehensive vision and analysis of this matter in the representation of our clients. Taxing over companies and businesses and its correct redistribution are the basis of economic system’s structure, notion that we have applied in the matters entrusted to us, from the incorporation, purchase or sale, transformation, merger, split-off or other operations that require a sophisticated understanding of companies of various areas such as mining, trading, investment, real estate, agro-industrial and foreign investment, just to name a few. The foregoing is also applied to the structuring of the personal wealth of their owners.

The members of our firm excel not only because of their eminent prestige, which not only extends to the private sector but also to those public organizations in charge of enforcing the legal rules that govern the matter. The above is further supplemented by an extensive academic career in the most important undergraduate and graduate programs offered by various universities throughout the country.

Our vision in this matter is founded on strict compliance with the applicable laws and on a practical methodology for facing the issues of those who seek our counsel, always presenting a clear and pragmatic assessment, which allows us to face the challenges entrusted to our counsel or defense in the best possible manner. In this regard, our constant experience and successes also involve legal tax defense - both administrative and judicial - where our strategies have given rise to important and prominent achievements, particularly before the higher courts of our country.

"We are what we do, so as to change what we are."

Eduardo Galeano