Natural Resources

Although an intense relation exists between the various areas, their multiple elements must be addressed independently in order to create the best strategy that will allow our clients to achieve each one of their requested objectives.

Mining: Moraga & Cía. has acted as counsel to important companies in the small and large-scale mining industry, analyzing specific provisions of contracts related to the various stages of extraction, production and sale of all types of minerals.

Energy: Lately, our country has become an important stage for the development of projects linked to the generation, distribution and transmission of energy. Because of its political relevance, technical complexity and multidisciplinary nature, the planning and implementation of these projects necessarily entail the participation of various specialists, including attorneys who are permanently up to date with the environmental and electrical regulations. Moraga & Cía.'s team has proven its abilities in this regard, advising important clients in the construction of hydroelectric, natural gas and diesel power stations.

Water: Key to almost every infrastructure or extraction-oriented project, our team has the abilities to provide strategic consulting regarding the legal regulation of water, which comprises both the processing of requests before the National Water Directorate as well as administrative proceedings before the same authority. Likewise, Moraga & Cía. possesses experience in agreements for the sale, lease and assignment of water rights, whether from natural public use courses, as well as from artificial courses or channels.

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Eduardo Galeano