Foreign Investment

We provide advice to foreign companies wishing to invest in Chile, facilitating legal and tax regimes specially devised for the obtainment of the results envisaged by our clients. Within this context, our services range from the preparation and submission of requests to the Foreign Investment Committee and the incorporation of companies in Chile, to the implementation of the most suitable tax structures.

Within this context, the treaties preventing double taxation, as well as the Chilean Law on Investment Platforms, on Capital Markets and on Investment Funds, allow to use our country as place for business not only for Chile but for all such jurisdictions with which important legal-commercial links have arisen. Thus, our firm has specialized in generating structures capable of maximizing the legal and tax benefits offered by the Chilean legal framework to both the foreign investor and the Chilean national company that desires to invest overseas.

"We are what we do, so as to change what we are."

Eduardo Galeano