Real Estate Law

Our experience in this field of law has provided us with a comprehensive view of the real property business in Chile and other countries, as well as a broad knowledge on the operation of its technical bodies, regulators and financial institutions engaged in this activity.

Moraga & Cia. has actively participated in different kinds of housing projects of agricultural, commercial and industrial nature, carrying out all such procedures that must be undertaken in connection with their fitness and lawfulness, such as property deed studies, application for permits, and the acquisition, merger and/or division of real properties. By the same token, our firm specializes in the development of structures destined to the obtainment of financing through investment funds, mortgage credits, construction lines, leasing, leaseback, etc.

Currently we are participating in the development of numerous real properties subject to Law 19,537 on Real Estate Co-ownership such as apartments and office buildings, residential condominiums and relaxation rural condominiums, in addition to several agricultural projects governed by the provisions of D.L. 3,516.

Our permanent concern to provide to each real property project the most efficient tax regime allowing the maximization of the clients´ investments returns must be highlighted as an element of transcendental significance and differentiation in this area.

"We are what we do, so as to change what we are."

Eduardo Galeano