Moraga & Cía realizes that the integral legal counseling service of a business or project for its clients must contain an expert opinion of Chilean Environmental Law. Hence, our firm is aptly prepared to draft Environmental Impact Declarations and Studies, representing its clients before the relevant authorities during the processing of the respective environmental assessment processes.

Likewise, the evolution of environmental institutions has allowed us to understand that merely obtaining an environmental permit or Environmental Qualification Resolution will not be enough for our clients. Therefore, we provide strategic advice in the preparation, review, submission, and processing of any sector-specific permit that any such projects may require for its actual construction to begin.

From a judicial standpoint, the creation of the Superintendence of the Environment and of the Environmental Courts has transformed the former complaint trials before civil courts in highly technical proceedings, which require an exclusive and simultaneous experience in both litigation and Environmental Law. Moraga & Cía. is in the best possible position to provide such a service to its clients.

Finally, and always keeping in mind the intention of providing added value for our clients, the Moraga & Cía. team can conduct a due diligence process and issue conclusions that directly relate to all of the technical-environmental aspects of the reviewed operation.

"We are what we do, so as to change what we are."

Eduardo Galeano